Vestner Residential Advance

Space effective and inexpensive Vestner Lifts have the advantage of easy

  • For family homes and shared living environments
  • For new builds and existing homes
  • Internal or external installation
  • For 2, 3 and 4 stops
  • Cost effective and adaptable technical solutions
    for lifts
  •  Cabins and doors dimensions correspond
    to standard wheel chair width
  • Low energy consumption and noise level
  • Hydraulic systems are not required
  • Shallow pit requirements
  • Low headroom requirement

Find out more about the key features and options of the Vestner Residential Advance below.



Capacity:                                250 kg
Number of persons:             3 persons
Design:                                    Interior or exterior construction
Number of stops:                  up to 4 stops,
max. travel height                 10 meters
Car width:                               1000 mm
Car depth:                               1250 mm
Car height:                              2100 mm
In Clear car doors width:     800 mm, dimensions according to ЕN 81-70
In Clear car doors height:    2100 mm
Actual shaft width:                1400 mm
Actual shaft depth:                1550 mm / 1750 mm
Speed:                                      0,15 m/sec
Rated output of drive unit:  0,35 kW
Rated current:                        4,6 A
Start current:                          8,3 A
Controller:                               ECO Premium
Position controller:                in the under most stop directly next to the shaft (no machine room necessary)
Pit depth:                                 100 mm
Shaft head:                              2,80 m over top floor edge at the highest stop
Power supply parameters:   230 W/50 Hz/15 А/1 phase
One side access on all floors


  • Elegant
  • European quality
  • Range of sizes
  • Wide range of finishes and surfaces