Vestner Advance World

VESTNER Advance World connects highlights of all versions of equipment in optimum form to achieve the intended benefits of the economical lift.
Modern elements of car and protected surfaces make the Advance World line of products safe and enjoyable part of its architectural concept.

Every surface counts, so the particularly economical and reliable concept of VESTNER Advance World is always just right for residential and office buildings.

With the optimized dimensions of the shaft head and pit, as well as the shaft width and depth, it fits easily into any planning without compromise.

Reduced cost…
Attractive equipment within a high level of standardisation
enables a low-cost and on-time manufacture.
Reduced installation time…
Extensive cost reduction, secure time scheduling!
Reduced planning time…
Good preparation ensures fast planning: You can put the shaft
into operation already with the data provided in the planning book.
Binding specifications are immediately available onto installation

Find out more about the key features and options of the Vestner Advance World below.