Mobile Lifts

Permanent fixed lifts are not always the answer

Mobile lifts for special application access for wheel chair users

Some locations or situations simple can not have a permanent lift installed to to meet the needs of wheel chair users, but that should not limit the right of access for those users.

The answer, consider a mobile lift that can be easily moved into position to allow users to access areas such as theater stages, or a school hall stages etc.



Funding assistance towards a stair lift in your home may be available to eligible persons from the Ministry of Health or the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).


Vestner’s entire range of products are compliant with the NZ Building Code and Standards. We are able to advise on compliance requirements and can provide you with documents required for building consent.


All Vestner platform lifts come with a comprehensive warranty that covers the lift and the installation when undertaken by Vestner or one of our subcontractors.


Vestner is happy to discuss lift options and offer advice, review proposals & plans and provide and provide technical and shop drawings.

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