Popular lift choice for education facilities

Cibes A5000

The Cibes A5000 platform lift has been developed with the main focus on design and engineering expertise.

The result is a new generation of modern stat-of-the-art platform lifts, which combine new design with the latest technology. The new Cibes platform lifts incorporate a smart, elegant aesthetic, new materials and a choice of options such as fault alarms, a school lock system, smartcard, a battey-lowering device, a raised edge on the platform and arrival sign. These features make them the perfect accessibility solution for all types of buildings.

The Cibes A5000 is a popular choice for architects and designers for several reason: It allows them to use the lift to create a distinctive feature in a building; plus it’s easy to install and doesn’t require a separate shaft, lift pit or machine room. These design qualities help the Cibes A5000 provide a cost-effective option for a variety of commercial, educational and residential facilities.

The Cibes A5000 shaft enclosure is available in a range of finishes, including glass, painted or power-coated steel, or a combination of these, in colours to match the decor of any building.


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