Capable of rising up to 1.0 metres the Ascensa meets your needs, and up to the 1.5 metres the Extollo is the answer, in each of these ranges there is 3 models to choose from, so we have you well covered at Vestner.

Vestner, your open platform lift specialists, New Zealand designed and manufactured.

This lift is suitable for a wide range of settings, including retail shops, public buildings, educational facilities and other such properties.

Find out more about the key features and options of the Vestner LR Series below.



  • Free-standing design that bolts directly onto a concrete pad or timber floor without the need for a pit, bore or load bearing wall
  • Limited site preparation and easy installation
  • Connection to a standard power supply (RCD protected)
  • Installation when undertaken by Vestner includes inspection by a independent CBIP Certified Level 2 Lift Inspector (PS4 provided to client)


  • Compliant to New Zealand Standards and New Zealand Building Code :
    • NZS 4334:2012 Platform lifts and low-speed lifts
    • NZS 4121:2001 Design for Access & Mobility – Buildings &  Associated Facilities
    • D2 2002 Mechanical Installations for Access
    • Compliant with National and International Disability Codes and Recommendations
    • Independently Design Reviewed with Certification
  • Compliant to Australian Standards and Design Registered
  • All consent documentation is available


A full range of accessories is available to further compliment the lift and meet specific client needs or requirements of the lift location.  Refer accessories listed on the product brochure.

Lifts can also be custom designed and manufactured where required.


  • 1.5 metre maximum rise
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Built-in safety features
  • Battery power in event of power outage
  • Low running costs
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings
  • Range of models to suit specific size and weight requirements
  • New Zealand designed and manufactured
  • Nationwide network of installers