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Frequently Asked Questions

Platform Lifts & Elevators

Is it expensive to run a platform lift or elevator?

No it is very economical. Vestner brand platform lifts and elevators use, on average, about the same amount of power as that of one standard light bulb.

What is the cost of a platform lift or elevator?

Due to the range of lift models and accessories, it is best to contact Vestner to discuss your needs and we can provide you with a complete quotation – cost free and with no obligation

Do Vestner brand lifts and elevators meet the requirements of the NZBC in public buildings?

Yes they do. Vestner brand commercial lifts and elevators have been specifically designed and independently certified to meet public building requirements.

Platform lifts are a recognised Acceptable Solution under the Building Code on accessible routes for low rise situations where lifts would typically experience low use. That is in public buildings where it is expected that stairs will carry the majority of the traffic with the lift most frequently being used by those people with reduced mobility who have difficulty negotiating stairs. This includes use by wheelchair users, persons with pushchairs/prams, persons with walking difficulties, those with walking aids, carers for persons with impaired mobility, children with impaired mobility, elderly persons, and so on.

Details can be found in “NZS 4334:2012 Platform lifts and low-speed lifts” or contact us for further information and advice.

Stair lifts

Is it expensive to run a stair lift?

No it is very economical.  A stair lift, on average, uses about the same amount of power as that of a single standard light bulb.

Are stair lifts suitable for outdoors?

Yes stair lifts that Vestner has to offer provide a model that has been specifically designed for outdoor use.

Do Vestner offer stair lifts for larger people?

Vestner’s Bruno range of stair lifts can cater for larger persons up to 181kg in weight, a larger seat size and with adjustable width armrests is available.


About Vestner

Can Vestner come to my home to discuss my access difficulities?

Yes, Vestner can visit you and provide you with information and options for accessing your home in relation to any of Vestner's products.  Vestner offers a no obligation quote service.  

Does Vestner have branches throughout New Zealand?

Vestner is based in Christchurch and we have a New Zealand wide network of contractors and technicians who undertake work throughout the country.

Does Vestner offer Service packages?

Service Agreements are available for both platform lifts & elevators and stair lifts..

I live in Australia, can I buy a lift direct from Vestner?

Vestner only exports lifts to reputable lift companies outside the New Zealand market. This ensures compliance with local regulations, quality of installation and service provision. Please visit for further information.

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