Vestner Maxis

An elegant and stylish through floor option of up to 3.5
meters. Equally suited for smaller rises and meets the
needs of powered wheelchair users.

  • New Zealand designed and
    manufactured by access
  • Compact design suitable
    for “through floor” or open
    mezzanine areas
  • Range of models available for
    singular and multi-unit private
    dwellings and commercial
  • Being surface installed and
    self-supporting the MAXIS
    residential series is suitable for
    new builds or retrofits
  • NZBC and NZ Standards

Find out more about the key features and options of the Maxis below.



Maxis Lift Specifications

Lift Type: Maxis-Standard, Maxis-Compact
Platform size (mm): Standard 1100 x 1400 , Compact 1100 x 1100
Lift/elevator footprint (mm):  Standard 1309 x 1582, Compact 1309 x 1309
Placement: Surface mounted or pit installation
Floor to floor rise – max (mm): 3500
Rated Load (kg): 500
Orientation: entry, exit and lift control position to suit various environments
Primary finish (other finishes available):Silver grey, glass, black trim


  • On/off key switch
  • Push buttons: Up, Down, Audible Alarm, Stop
  • Communication phone
  • Tactile and Braille Identification
  • Landing call buttons
  • Remote control- handheld
  • Additional controls opposite lift tower
  • Safety and Security
  • Car handrail
  • Lift Shaft Enclosure
  • Upper Landing gate – manual open and self-close – Standard auto
  • Lower landing door – Standard auto
  • Battery backup and charge light


  • Elegant
  • Cost effective
  • No need for a pre-built shaft
  • Free Standing
  • Cost effective
  • New Zealand made