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How Will We Travel Upwards in 2050? Beam Me Up Scotty...

January 7, 2019

To start off the year we thought we’d write a fun post that considers if lifts will still be here in 2050 or whether something far more futuristic (think teleportation) will be our mode of transportation — up, down and sideways.

Even with the rapid technological advances we’ve witnessed over the past 30 years (including our more recent understanding of quantum physics) we highly doubt that the phenomenon of instant travel will have taken its place in our daily lives within the next 30 years. You might wonder why we are so confident of this statement? Well, even Professor Michio Kaku (the famed theoretical physicist and futurist) doesn’t think it’ll happen for at least another 100 years! And, putting the quantum science aside for a minute, we’re taking our lead from the major companies that continue to invest in research into ground-breaking lift infrastructure and technology throughout the world. Here are a few of our favourites:

MULTI: By Thyssenkrupp

Introducing the world’s first rope free elevator that moves cars on both a vertical and horizontal plane! With half the world’s population currently living in cities, and that number expected to rise to 70% by the end of this century, this innovation is set to revolutionise the elevator industry. It has many benefits for the construction industry as vertical shaft constraints are removed allowing for fewer building height restrictions, smaller footprints and many more design possibilities.

The efficiency of this design will also result in significantly reduced waiting times for elevator users. A 2010 Columbia University study found that New York office workers spent a collective 16.6 years waiting for elevators! How great would it be to be able to give some of that time back with innovative and efficient systems as proposed by Thyssenkrup?

MAX: By Thyssenkrup

Another innovation by Thyssenkrup is a predictive elevator maintenance solution that dramatically improves elevator availability and overall system efficiency. The system monitors and analyses all elevator data right from the timing of door closures to component condition and sends this information to the cloud (powered by Microsoft Azure). This data is further analysed and compared and helps determine which parts will require maintenance and when. No more out-of-service signs on the elevators connected to this technology!

MyPORT: By Schindler

MyPORT the unique smartphone-based app released by Schindler increases the interactivity between buildings and people. State-of-the-art security provides robust building and elevator access control. Users receive personalised service, such as summoning elevators and locking/unlocking doors and turning on/off lights as required, all providing for more freedom and convenience than ever before.

GEN2: By Otis

Last, but not least, we wanted to talk about elevator technology that is protecting the environment. The Gen2 system by Otis is designed to maximise energy efficiency by recycling energy, reducing energy consumption (by up to 75% compared to conventional systems) and using LED lighting; plus their coated steel belts require zero lubrication which equals zero clean-up and disposal of hazardous waste. The coolest thing about these elevators is that they go into ‘sleep mode’ when not in use (lights and fans switch off) and restart seamlessly with the press of the call button.


So, as you’ll see the current emphasis is on improving technology rather than eliminating it in favour of anything wildly futuristic. Even the humble low-rise lift will continue to have its place for some time to come yet and we look forward to working with our customers designing and manufacturing solutions right into 2050, and beyond.

MULTI by Thyssenkrup
MyPORT by Schndler

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