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Pandect Commercial Open Platform Lifts - Features and Accessories

May 11, 2015

As a property owner, property manager or venue manager, your bottom line could be affected by accessibility, or lack thereof.

With many corporates, groups and clubs requiring greater access options for their staff and members, now is the perfect time to take stock of Pandect’s skills and knowledge to determine how best to meet the needs of those less able within your premises. Through investing in a commercial lift, your premise, property or venue is one that will attract a wider audience and lessen tenancy lags.

It’s also the moral and socially acceptable thing to do in this day and age, by providing the necessary accessibility pathways for all users; in order to experience and manage their daily life to life undertakings, social events, employment, or just to experience pure enjoyment and personal fulfilment, like Marion Hounsome of the Christchurch City Choir.

The investment need not to be astronomical when it comes to installing a Pandect commercial lift. And each lift oozes value for money! A small investment now could reap many benefits in the future.

In this article we’ll highlight the standard features of our commercial lifts – the ASCENSA (1m platform lift) and the EXTOLLO (1.5m platform) ranges and the accessories, and the additional options available for these commercial lifts. When you purchase a Pandect platform lift you can be assured of quality – New Zealand designed and manufactured and aligned to the NZ Building Code and latest NZ Standards.

You can learn more about our platform lifts in an earlier blog – Platform Lifts for Every Setting.

ASCENSA & EXTOLLO: Open Platform Lifts – 9 Standard Features

The ASCENSA range comes in three sizes – the 260, 340 and 500. This equates to the rated load of each lift 260kg, 340kg and 500kg respectively. These lift solutions are perfect for up to 1 metre rises, such as accessing mezzanine floors, auditorium and school stages.

The EXTOLLO series has two options: the 260 and 340 – 260kg and 340kg rated load respectively. These lifts are suited to a rise of between 1 metre and up to 1.5 metres.

The 10 standard features you can expect on your ASCENSA or EXTOLLO open platform lift include:

  1. On/off key switch – this allows the user to turn the lift off during periods of inactivity and on when required for use. The lift can also be turned on and the key removed for safe keeping.
  2. Push buttons: Up and Down, Audible Alarm, Stop – these standard functions are utilised to move between ‘floors’, an alarm function and ability to stop the lift at any time in case of emergency.
  3. Tactile and Braille control button identification – important for those who are visually impaired to navigate the controls appropriately.
  4. Landing call buttons – wall mounted call buttons are installed for the lift on both the upper and lower levels. These call buttons can be either hardwired in or wireless.
  5. Car barrier arm and retractable ramp – in the ASCENSA range this is a safety feature that locks in place to ensure that a user cannot step out of, or roll off, the lift when it is in motion. In the EXTOLLO range, the car barrier arm and retractable ramp is substituted for a manually operated car gate and threshold ramp.
  6. Car handrail – a built-in hand rail that a user is able to hold on to for stability while the lift is in motion.
  7. Under-car barrier (blind) – another safety feature where a barrier blind is provided to protect the underside of the lift (car) entry point while it is in an ascended position.
  8. Car wall with handrail – the car wall provides protection for a lift user as the lift rises above the lift shaft. The wall includes a secondary handrail for user support.
  9. Upper landing gate – while not a standard feature on the ASCENSA series (available as an accessory), the manual open and self-close upper landing gate is a standard feature of the EXTOLLO range. The gate provides protection from falls into the lift shaft when the lift is at the lower level.
  10. Battery backup and charge light – power to the lift is delivered through batteries that continuously charge from the property mains power source. The batteries allow the lift to operate for a limited time in the event of a power outage. A battery charge light is provided on the lift controls to indicate that power to the lift is maintained.

It seems that Pandect have just about thought of everything you’ll ever need in a lift!

There are some additional accessories that you can add to your ASCENSA or EXTOLLO lift; some of which may make life a little easier for some individuals.

Accessories include:

  • Emergency communication – either a phone connected to a 24hr monitored service or a monitored alarm are available for a Pandect lift. Installed on the lift, the feature allows users to communicate in emergency situations.• Handheld Remote Control – this provides the user with the ability to call a lift through a remote control rather than use the landing call buttons. Remotes are particularly useful for those individuals who may have a problem reaching the landing call buttons which are fixed to the wall.
  • Additional directional controls opposite the lift tower – this feature is particularly useful for users who may experience difficulty in reaching the lift controls.
  • Car gate and threshold ramp – the option to include a car gate and threshold ramp (instead of standard car barrier arm and retractable ramp) is an additional safety feature for the ASCENSA series. This can be either manual, in terms of opening or closing the gate, or a fully automated option can be installed. The manual option is a standard feature of the EXTOLLO lift series.
  • Upper landing barrier arm – The barrier arm acts as a protection from falls when the lift is at the lower level. This option also stops someone leaving the lift before it has come to a complete stop.
  • Upper landing gate – like the car gate, you also have the option of a gate on the upper landing as a means of protection in and around the lift. The landing gate can once again be manual or automated in terms of opening/closing. Like the lower level, the manual gate is a standard feature of the EXTOLLO with the automated version an upgrade feature.

Not sure of the best solution for your commercial premises? Take advantage of Pandect’s years of experience in the industry and discuss with us how we can make your life a little easier, and a potential customized access solution for your customer’s needs may need to be explored. Simply get in touch with us and let us put your mind at ease.

With features such as a compact design, easy installation, being safe and easy to operate and low running costs, the benefits of a Pandect system speaks for itself. Pandect’s commercial lift series meet the compliance requirements of New Zealand & Australian Standards, disability codes and recommendations; and have been certified for Access Equipment Safety and Structural Engineering Compliance by independent certifiers.

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