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Getting Home from the Hospital and Back To Work

October 31, 2014

Imagine you suddenly need to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate reduced mobility or use a wheelchair. It is a stressful situation that can be made worse if you’re unable to access your own home or workplace. If you find yourself or a loved one in this situation, be assured that there are many agencies and institutions available to assist with changed circumstances including access. Pandect is also here to help by providing you with the expert advice and quality products that may be required for home or work. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and technicians will guide you and make the process of choosing and installing a lift solution as easy as possible.

To help you get a better idea of how we can help, we’ve outlined a fictional scenario in which Rachel, our main character, needs help altering her home and workplace after an accident. We’ll be alongside Rachel through consultation, design, installation and beyond to ensure she is looked after and is happy with the finished products.

A tragic accident

After a terrible collision on her motorbike, Rachel has become a paraplegic and is undergoing rehabilitation in hospital. Her recovery is going well, but she knows that she will never regain use of her legs and will need a wheelchair to get around. During her stay in the hospital, Rachel realises that it will be impossible to make it up the six stairs from her driveway to the deck of her house or the inside stairs between her first and second floors. Wishing to return to work as a retail supervisor in the coming months, Rachel will also need to find a way to get into her workplace and secondly her shop has a mezzanine floor where there is currently no wheelchair access.

Help is on hand

Rachel meets with her occupational therapist and after discussing her access needs, they decide that lifts are the best option. After exploring her options online, she chooses Pandect. A technician visits Rachel and advises that she will need an internal lift to move between the floors of her home and a platform lift connecting the driveway to the deck as a there is not enough room for a suitable ramp. The team at Pandect also consults with Rachel, her employer and the owner of her building to create a solution that is practical and compliant with building codes. The building’s modifications include levelling access to the entranceway by installing a threshold ramp, and an internal lift is to be installed for access to the mezzanine floor as a ramp would be too long to install to provide the 1:12 gradient required.

Good news for Rachel

Rachel is relieved to hear that ACC will cover the costs of the modifications to her home and workplace.  She can now continue focusing on her recovery while Pandect gets ready to install the chosen products into her home and work.

Work begins

The first product installed for Rachel is the open platform lift that will enable her to easily access the deck of her house from the driveway. She’s surprised at how quickly the lift is installed, in part because very little construction work is required for installation. The Pandect technician shows Rachel how to use the lift and ensures she is confident with how it works and knows who to contact if she has any more questions. . When Rachel visits work the next day, she is delighted to see the threshold ramp installed in the entrance of her office building. It’s so much easier for her to enter now.

With the permission of the building owner, work has begun on the enclosed lift for Rachel’s workplace. Builders have also started working with the CAD drawings provided by Pandect to create a suitable space to install the enclosed lift at her home. The installation of both lifts progress rapidly. Just like Rachel’s external platform lift, they are connected to a standard power outlet and don’t need to be placed in pits or installed on a load bearing wall.

The end result

The enclosed lift in Rachel’s home is a stunning addition to the house. It’s not only practical, but blends in with the décor.

Rachel’s workplace is now proud to provide disabled access not just for Rachel but other staff and customers.  Her employer no longer has any concerns about taking on staff members that may have mobility needs and has even noticed a jump in sales because of improved access to the mezzanine sales area. Not only people in wheelchairs use the lift, the elderly and mums with pushchairs have also been grateful for the easy access the lift provides.

Rachel is delighted with the ease of access she now has in her home and is looking forward to her return to work in a few months. She reports that she was very well looked after and informed of everything the whole way through, and that Pandect made the whole process quick and easy from consultation and design to installation and complete compliance with building codes.

This is a typical example of the journey people take with Pandect. Choosing and installing an access solution doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming and costly. With Pandect at your side, you can be confident that you’ll be provided with all the information you need, a complete turn-key experience and constant support before, during and after the installation of your solution. If you’re ready to install an access solution for you or someone else or are just beginning to explore your options, we encourage you to contact us today


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