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Enhance your Quality of Life with Pandect and Lifemark

July 16, 2015

If you or someone you love is having trouble with mobility, are disabled or in a wheelchair, moving about the home can often become a struggle. This can affect daily life in a negative way, especially if movement causes pain or things such as cupboards or light switches are out of reach. By installing products designed for ease of access and mobility, moving and doing things will no longer become a barrier.

Quality of life is important for everyone, and it's important to be happy and safe in a home.

The Lifemark home standard
As a new product partner to Lifemark, Pandect’s products are ‘endorsed’ for installation in homes to reach the standards they set and be rated using Lifemark’s accessibility rating system.

Lifemark's certification system allows homeowners or residents to gain information about the adaptability of their home, then are helped to change or add things to comply with the three to five star rating system based on adaptability, accessible, usability and safety.

Lifemark is particularly helpful when building from scratch, as they help design and implement Pandect's products straight into a new home, as well as creating custom accessibility designs that are functional as well as beautiful.

We highly recommend reading the Lifemark Certification Guide for more information on how homes are made or adapted to ensure quality of life for anyone who lives there.

Pandect's Products - Move with ease
No matter where, how high, or how far you need to go, a number of Pandect products are available to ensure you get where you need to be, safely and painlessly.

  • Open platform lifts are lifts that ascend up to a 1.5 metres in height. With a battery backup, built-in safety features and easy to operate buttons, these are mostly used to access raised decks or as a stairway alternative.
  • Enclosed platform lifts are similar to platform lifts but are fully enclosed and can ascend much higher up to mezzanines or different floors. Both lift types can accommodate a wheelchair or walker, as well as a second person. They require minimal installation work and can be installed in just one to two days.
  • Stair lifts run a seat up a rail, travelling smoothly with stairs, whether they are straight or curved, indoor or out. Stair lifts incorporate safety features such as a seatbelt, swivelling/adjustable seat, remotes, wireless controls and battery backup in case of power failure.

With affordable options, easy installation and on call customer service, any of Pandect's products will make life much easier for you or a loved one who is having difficulty moving around a home.

Extras to add: Lifemark considerations
There are many ways to add to or change things in a home to make it safer for those who find it difficult to move or are in pain. Under the Lifemark umbrella, house design includes a number of additional products and support that can allow those with a disability to function appropriately. Small actions can have major results. When considering building or alterations, take into account:

  • Installing a rail or gripping device in the shower or bath to prevent falls
  • Placing a waterproof seat or stool in a shower for someone to sit on
  • Placing non-slip mats in the bathroom, shower or bath prevent slips
  • Installing motion sensor lights for greater visibility in a hallway or living room
  • Removing raised doorways or thresholds
  • Firmly securing mats or rugs so they are impossible to trip over - or remove them altogether
  • Adding handrails to stairways
  • Keeping emergency exits clear and accessible
  • Installing intercoms or a similar communication device, and
  • If it can be done, move door handles and light switches to lower more easily accessible places, as well as changing the height of shelves or cupboards.

While Pandect cannot provide the above products, it does work alongside many business on the job that can offer these. Quality of life is of great importance to everyone, especially for those who find it difficult to move or are in pain. When they can no longer move around a house or access bathrooms or kitchens, these negative impacts can impact mentally and physically causing illness or injury, and of course driving down the quality of life.

Let Pandect and Lifemark help adapt your home or the home of a loved one by ensuring easy access, better mobility and sound of mind. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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