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Elevating Logistics: How to Plan for a Residential Lift Installation

May 1, 2018


Residential lifts and elevators like the ones Vestner install can be lifechanging for the recipient – they can offer access to levels otherwise unreachable and  add value to a home. A godsend, no doubt, residential lifts are a serious piece of kit and their installation needs to happen with a good deal of thought and planning. Factors including environment, model and timeline need to be considered before launching into the project.


Assessing your environment

The most suitable model of residential lift or elevator for your home will be most heavily influenced by the environment it will become part of, and secondly the reason why you are installing a lift. If you’re lucky enough to be installing the lift in a new build you’re away laughing as you can allow for the lift in the overall house design. If you’re retrofitting the lift, you’ll need to take into account the physical dimensions of your home. Obviously if you have a lot of space you can install a larger lift, and if you have less space you’ll need to look at a smaller model. Will you need to move or alter walls? Are their electrical cables or water pipes within these sections of wall? These are all questions that you’ll need to ask yourself and discuss with your planner and installer to help you choose the model of lift that best suits your home and personal needs.


The impact of lift installation on residents

Installing a residential lift comes with the usual inconveniences of having trades people in your home and dealing with noise, dust, open doors and tools scattered across floors.    These are unavoidable and should be considered before work commences.  It may be worthwhile to plan to be out of the house during the day(s) the work is scheduled.


Plotting a timeline

When working with our customers, the team at Vestner find it best for all parties if a plan and timeline is discussed so everyone knows how long things should take and when to expect completion of the installation.

Being realistic with the timeline and estimating the length of potential delays and roadblocks is an important part of aligning expectations between installer and resident and achieving positive outcomes all-round.


Consulting and compliance

Here at Vestner we value our ability to provide an and end-to-end service that includes thorough planning and consultancy. We use an in-person site visits to ensure accuracy and compliance with all relevant building and disability codes. If you’d like to speak to one of our staff about the above considerations or any other concerns you have about installing a residential lift or elevator in your home, we welcome your contact.



Timeline by Luigi Mengato under CC BY 2.0


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