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Is Customer Service a Thing of the Past?

September 1, 2017

For today’s consumer, customer service seems to be drowning in a sea of  companies obsessing over reducing costs, widening margins and putting their bottom line above all else. The result is a poor customer experience, something nobody deserves but everybody will talk about with their friends. Vestner NZ take the issue very seriously, so we’ve compiled a few examples of customer service – the good, the bad and the ugly.  



Here are a couple of undesirable customer service traits you want to avoid.


The Pushy Salesperson

Luckily in New Zealand we don’t have lot of cold calling or door-to-door salespeople. Nonetheless, we’ve all no doubt felt harassed by a pushy salesperson at some point.

If you feel like you’ve stated your disinterest in their offer quite clearly and you think they’re being rude or that they’ve crossed the line from assertive to aggressive, tell them as much, then just walk away or hang up the phone. You won’t hurt their feelings and it’s not worth your time to try and be polite when they’re not offering you the respect you deserve.


All Style, No Substance

This example relates more to companies offering services, rather than product retailers. Think builders, plumbers and automotive garages. You see these all style, no substance companies cruising around town in the latest-model vehicles with the flashiest signwriting. They look legit, but it can often be a facade, behind which there is potentially shoddy workmanship and little to no back-up support when things go wrong. This can be especially hard to swallow if the service  they provide is of inferior quality and requires a repair or replacement further down the road. If you think you’re dealing with a cowboy ask for some testimonials and try and find someone who has dealt with them previously.



Now let’s turn the corner and concentrate on what you should look for and expect from businesses that pride themselves on their excellent customer service.


Comprehensive Website With Technical Information

We live in a tech age where we can research a product or service comprehensively online before we even contact the company. This offers big clues as to a company’s legitimacy and how well they know their product. Vestner NZ have invested heavily in an easy-to-navigate website replete with detailed information and brochures covering the features, installation considerations, compliance, accessory and options that go along with each and every product and service we offer. This is pre-sale customer service, which we pride ourselves on.


Real People With Real Knowledge

Companies who provide a service do themselves no favours by putting a virtual chat robot or a third-party call centre between themselves and their customers. When you have a question, there is no substitute for a conversation with an actual human being who knows their product or service inside out. Vestner NZ have experienced and knowledgeable staff waiting to promptly answer your questions at both our North Island and South Island branches.


Solid History and Reliable Network

Fly-by-night proprietors with untrustworthy installers sadly stick around way longer than they should by preying on new customers. A good measure of a company’s worth is their amount of return business. Vestner NZ  earns return business by providing reliable products installed by a nationwide network of subcontractors they know and trust. They’re longevity in the global market dates back to the 1930s when they made steam-driven rope elevators while Vestner’s presence in the NZ market spans over 20 years as a designer and manufacturer of low rise lifts.  In addition to their notable history, they are a step ahead of your run of the mill import supplier because they manufacturer the products they sell themselves. This means an unrivalled level of product knowledge.



We hope these examples of the good, the bad and the ugly have helped you know what to look for and what to watch out for. We invite you to read more about our company and hope you’ll give us the chance to further illustrate our ability to provide customer service and ongoing support of the highest level.




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