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How Vestner Compete with Other Lift Companies

May 1, 2019
A healthy level of industry competition helps encourage us to apply our key values to provide customers a service that is second to none. These core values are engrained in our day-to-day work and we’d like to share some of them with you.
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How Will We Travel Upwards in 2050? Beam Me Up Scotty...

January 7, 2019
To start off the year we thought we’d write a fun post that considers if lifts will still be here in 2050 or whether something far more futuristic (think teleportation) will be our mode of transportation — up, down and sideways.

A Vision for Growth Throughout New Zealand

July 19, 2016
Now with Vestner's recent acquisition of New Zealand Engineering Services in Auckland, we are able to further grow our product range and services throughout New Zealand.
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Enable New Zealand Partnership - Helping New Zealanders in their Homes

May 1, 2016
We’re proud to offer Platinum Partner support to Enable New Zealand and their latest initiative the EASIE Living Centre which is providing high and low tech solutions for people living with disabilities. Their “one-stop” viewing and information centre has recently opened in Palmerston North, complete with expert advice on health and disability, products to try, and a state of the art accessible home on display. EASIE stands for Equipment, Advice, Services, Information, and Education. Their aim is to help people with...

Holidays and Help for Everyone

January 11, 2016
When Stephen Horrell used to visit hospitals and rest homes, he was disappointed that the people there didn’t get to experience holidays or trips away, often because of the limited resources the destinations had.

Hello Vestner, Goodbye Pandect

September 3, 2015
If you’ve been following Pandect, it’s likely that you will have noticed the increasing impingement of the Vestner brand. What is this Vestner all about?
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