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Vestner NZ Helps Rebuild Christchurch Arts Centre

July 4, 2019
The Christchurch Arts Centre is an icon of the garden city’s culture of arts and signature architecture. The Arts Centre forms a hub of Category 1 listed heritage buildings — the largest in Aotearoa.

Why We All Cash-In When Buying Kiwi-Made

July 2, 2018
As stressful as we may think modern living is, we’re lucky to be living in an age when products, services and communication are all at our finger tips. The internet-fuelled globalisation of just about everything we eat, use and do means we can buy almost anything from almost anywhere in the world. Sadly, this ‘blessing’ sometimes bites us — we receive an inferior product and lack-lustre post-sales support means there’s nowt we can do about it. Have you been bitten thinking...

Moving Home with a Disability - 5 Tips to Smooth the Process

March 2, 2018
Here at Vestner we’ve gone through rapid growth in recent years. We now have 12 staff working out of our Christchurch headquarters and at the beginning of the 2018 our busy workshop was pressed for space. It seemed like the ideal time to branch out to a new, larger premise that could support our expanding team and growing business. It’s with great pride we can now call 3/6 O’Briens Road, Sockburn our new home. But it wasn’t an easy move, with...

Our Chair and Platform Lifts are Transforming People's Lives

February 5, 2018
Stair lift installers are some of the luckiest people on the planet. They get to perform a job that literally changes people’s lives, expands their social circle, and allows them to continue living in their own home. The work these installers do gives people their independence back and helps them lead fuller, more enjoyable lives. The trusted network of installers Vestner use to fit our products never tire of seeing the smile on a client’s face the first time they use...

Inclusive Design - Building a Better Future For Everyone

July 24, 2017
At its heart, Inclusive Design is about involving the end user and their needs in the design process as early as possible and continuing consultation throughout. This results in all parties having an increased awareness of the issues facing those with disabilities, which leads to more effective and Inclusive Design of products and buildings. Experiencing a day-in-the-life of a disabled person isn’t a reality for able-bodied designers and builders, but an ongoing cycle of discussion, testing, feedback and adjustment is. A...

Infographic - A New Housing Challenge: Ageing in NZ

January 26, 2017
Our recent post in November explained the housing challenges New Zealand will face with an ageing population. For this month's post, using data from Statistics NZ and Lifemark we have created an infographic to visualise the challenges ahead for New Zealand, showing the current situation and projected outcomes by the year 2030. The infographic outlines a concerning trend, the projected large demand for modified or custom designed housing, paired with current low supply of this type of housing. Without major change...

Enable New Zealand Partnership - Helping New Zealanders in their Homes

May 1, 2016
We’re proud to offer Platinum Partner support to Enable New Zealand and their latest initiative the EASIE Living Centre which is providing high and low tech solutions for people living with disabilities. Their “one-stop” viewing and information centre has recently opened in Palmerston North, complete with expert advice on health and disability, products to try, and a state of the art accessible home on display. EASIE stands for Equipment, Advice, Services, Information, and Education. Their aim is to help people with...

Helping those with limited mobility to access stages and participate in community events

December 6, 2014
Most of us take for granted the ability to be able to take the stage – whether we are performing, graduating, or taking part in a particular event. Accessibility and mobility is possibly not something that we tend to think about on a daily basis, unless it is us that has the limited access or mobility. Mobility should be at the forefront of those who manage, own or administer venues that offer a stage presence. The two most significant reasons for...
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