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Why We All Cash-In When Buying Kiwi-Made

July 2, 2018

As stressful as we may think modern living is, we’re lucky to be living in an age when products, services and communication are all at our finger tips. The internet-fuelled globalisation of just about everything we eat, use and do means we can buy almost anything from almost anywhere in the world. Sadly, this ‘blessing’ sometimes bites us — we receive an inferior product and lack-lustre post-sales support means there’s nowt we can do about it. Have you been bitten thinking the grass is greener? Let’s remind ourselves some of the benefits of buying New Zealand-made products from local suppliers.



What are the benefits of buying NZ-made for the customer?

Kiwis who purchase locally made items and services stand to benefit in three areas; higher visibility of quality offered, a more connected customer service experience, and the warm and fuzzies that come from contributing to their local economy.

Buying a locally manufactured item or service from a local company means the merchant is directly connected to the quality of their wares. If they are of poor quality, the merchant is much more accountable than an offshore manufacturer or a local importer of global goods — a wronged customer can voice their opinion directly to the retailer (face-to-face in some cases) and tarnish their reputation through bad word of mouth. Local operators have everything to lose by selling a sub-par product or offering shoddy customer service.

Companies manufacturing and selling locally can offer clients a seamless buying experience due to their improved accessibility. A local buyer + seller/installer equation sees both parties speaking the same language in the same time zone, able to meet and view model options in the flesh. No hour-long phone calls with a language barrier or unanswered email queries.

If customers want to learn about the vendor’s reputation they can even go as far as speaking to previous customers about their experience. If it’s hard to get any details about a company’s prior work, this can be a sign you may want to start looking elsewhere for a more open and honest outlet.


End-to-end manufacture and install cycle leads to innovation.

A local company such as Vestner NZ offers an end-to-end service that encompasses manufacturing and installation of products with ongoing support for the customer. This cycle creates loads of informed feedback – the installers, designers, fabricators and customers can all share information about the ease-of-use, installation and ongoing maintenance. The valuable comments help us continue to improve our products and services.


Buying locally to boost our economy.

The knock-on effects of supporting local retailers and tradesmen are more complex than just keeping your money on-shore.

Buying of local products bolsters not only the jobs involved in the manufacture and sale of the product – it has a radiating effect on the wider community. For instance, if Vestner sell and install a stair lift, the ripple effect of that purchase is felt by additional local businesses who sell us their services and products. Think of the consumables like stationary, coffee and welding rods, we go through in our offices and workshops: the initial purchase supports these vendors too. It even trickles down to the bakery we buy our smoko tucker from!

NZ companies generating sales and profit pay tax, locally. These taxes are used by the government at the local community level in the form of services, infrastructure and important initiatives.

Our country’s environmental controls rank highly: the Social Progress Index ranked us tenth in the world across criteria featuring environmental sustainability. As such, when you buy an NZ-made product you can be reasonably confident world-class environmental standards were employed in the manufacturing process.


A reputation built on local accountability

At Vestner we are proud to be a locally owned and operated NZ company. Not because we don’t think there is value in a global market, but because we have built our excellent reputation by delivering products of the highest quality coupled with unbeatable customer service. It’s our humble opinion that this is best achieved via a reciprocal cycle of design, manufacture, installation and ongoing customer support.

Drop us a line if you’d like to join this cycle and keep elevating New Zealand.


Image: ‘Auckland from above II’ by Pedro under CC BY 2.0.

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