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Ian Bougen

Vestner NZ Helps Rebuild Christchurch Arts Centre

July 4, 2019
The Christchurch Arts Centre is an icon of the garden city’s culture of arts and signature architecture. The Arts Centre forms a hub of Category 1 listed heritage buildings — the largest in Aotearoa.

Inclusive Design - Building a Better Future For Everyone

July 24, 2017
At its heart, Inclusive Design is about involving the end user and their needs in the design process as early as possible and continuing consultation throughout. This results in all parties having an increased awareness of the issues facing those with disabilities, which leads to more effective and Inclusive Design of products and buildings. Experiencing a day-in-the-life of a disabled person isn’t a reality for able-bodied designers and builders, but an ongoing cycle of discussion, testing, feedback and adjustment is. A...

The New Zealand Disability Strategy

September 1, 2016
As providers of accessibility products, we are deeply aware of the importance of the New Zealand Disability Strategy and appreciate the positive impact it has had on disabled people living in New Zealand. The creation of this important Strategy in 2001 positioned New Zealand as a world leader in the area of disability. Since its rollout, many positive changes have occurred in our society, moving us closer to the goal of full inclusion of disabled people in our society. In...

How Toy Makers Are Helping Children with Disabilities

March 3, 2016
Toymaker giant Lego unveiled a new figurine at the 67th Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair in Nuremburg. Part of a “Fun in the Park” set going on sale in June this year, he wears a beanie and a smile – and he’s in a wheelchair.

Providing Disability Access Is A Lot Easier Than You Think

October 30, 2014
There is great commercial advantage in being able to offer a wide range of access. While the process of providing an accessible route may feel overwhelming and expensive, we’re here to assure you that the process can actually be much easier and cheaper than you might imagine.
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